My Bicycling Adventure

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Japan: Kyushu

Kyushu Bicycle Ride

The next stage of our trip would take us from Busan and South Korea's main southerly port by ferry to Fukuoka on the northern coast of Japan's Kyushu Island. Japan intrigued us and we frankly didn't really know what to expect. 

From Fukuoka we rode west and south down the western coast of Kyushu to the city of Nagasaki which was almost totally destroyed during the Second World War when the American government dropped the second deadly nuclear bomb to bring about the surrender of Japan. It was a sobering visit and we were glad that we had decided to go.

From there we crossed over the Island taking in the active volcano, Mount Aso and finishing at the easterly port of Saiki to take the ferry to the next island, Shikoku.

To read the full account visit our web site at: Kyushu Bicycle Ride

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